Diane Martinson Wedding Music - Wedding Ceremony Vocalist
Diane Martinson -Special Events Vocalist- Minneapolis, MN

Special Song Requests

You can choose songs from Diane's song list or she will happily learn your special request song. Special requests are typically due 3 months before the wedding.

Please provide a copy of piano/vocal sheet music and a link to a recording of the requested song. This will help Diane determine if there is a need for a key change or any other music alterations for accompanists. The fee is $30-$50 depending on the music and instrumentation - a quote will be given.

If you have a short order request or can't furnish sheet music, Diane can transcribe music from the recording. The fee is $25-$50 depending on the music and instrumentation - a quote will be given.

View Diane's Song List Contact Diane to check a date and more info

Custom Music Arrangements

Diane offers custom music arrangements of songs for voice, piano, and other instruments. Using Diane's musicians cuts costs from what it would be to hire other groups separately, then asking THEM to transcribe the music, arrange extra rehearsals, etc.

Diane offers the simplicity of one music contact person to coordinate everything for you, making it easy and fun to get the special music you want. You'll be surprised how affordable it is to include custom music arrangements for your one of a kind ceremony.

Diane Martinson and J.J. Saecker's custom music arrangements

Diane Martinson works with musical partner J.J. Saecker (pianist) to provide custom music arrangements. They love creating musical arrangements and performances of songs that bring out the feel of the original artists and have special meaning for the listeners.