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Diane Martinson -Special Events Vocalist- Minneapolis, MN

Music Planning for Your Wedding Ceremony

"Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart" — Pablo Casals

Minnesota wedding ceremony vocalist, Diane Martinson- Twin City Wedding Music

A complimentary consultation to plan song placement and preview ceremony music is provided 4 months before your wedding. I will sing and play through music options for you, and review any special requests. It's best to have a copy of your ceremony outline from your officiant for our meeting.

It is my pleasure to provide custom song arrangements for my instrumental accompanists. My song arrangements compliment my vocal line and highlight the instrumentation.

I look forward to helping you select meaningful music that will enhance your special day.

client review "Diane, It was such a pleasure meeting with you and J.J. Like I said when I was there, I would have loved to have sat and listened to your music all day! I am just THRILLED to have you both at our wedding ceremony. " —Megan M.

post-wedding consultation thank you letter "Diane and J.J., We look forward to your beautiful serenade on our special day." — Maria and Alex

Ceremony Music Order

Your officiant or church music director will be able to provide you with the ceremony order. I've also included an example of the placement of music in my planner PDF.

Diane Martinson's Wedding Music Planning - Order of Ceremony
Prelude Music
Typically instrumental selections played 20 minutes prior to the ceremony while guests are being seated. A Vocal Prelude Solo may be sung during seating of family and lighting of the altar candles.
Music for the bridal party, the bride, or the couple's entrance. This may be one longer song with a pause in the middle, or two music selections.
Wedding Ceremony Vocal Solos
Common places for solos can be in the beginning after the readings, after the homily, or during a unity candle or blessing section. Additional solos may be added depending on your ceremony. *Certain church services require additional music.
Festive music for the wedding couple and bridal party exit (usually instrumental).
Postlude Music
Instrumental music while guests exit (usually selected by the musicians).

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